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AAA - Fireflies!!!
by posted 04/05/2020

Fireflies Parents-

Hope this email finds you as well as you can be under the circumstances.  As I'm sure you have seen via the eamil sent earlier this evening, we have proceed in building the rosters with the hope that we will eventually be able to play baseball this year.  I also thought that it would be good for the kids to know who their coaches and teammates would be to add a little level of excitment to their day.  As we are all aware, I wouldn't expect any outside baseball activities but will be trying to coordinate some activities that the kids can partake in the comforts of the home / yard.  For example, I expect to be sharing You Tube videos with baseball drills, some baseball websites to peruse, some baseball movie recommendations and even a Battleship tournament via Zoom (all voluntary of course).

I will be joined by two coaches this year, Paul Harrington and Anthony Dumont - we are all very excited to have a great baseball season (eventually)!  The name of our team is the Fireflies.  If the jerseys are the same color as last year, they are flourescent green (apologies for that).  I am really excited with our team this year - contains a lot of familiar names. For your convenience (in case you are having issues with the website), the roster is as follows (alphabetical order):

  • Jack Armstrong
  • Jasper Dumont
  • Hudson Flynn
  • Keegan Gallagher
  • Tate Harrington
  • Tommy James
  • Tyler James
  • JT Jefski
  • Eamon Kane
  • Max Symington

More info to come regarding the season but honestly, it will be obvious as to when the season will begin - current events will ultimately dictate.  

I am just going to use this email as the introduction but look for another later this week with other info to try and get your son get prepared for baseball.  

Take care and I look forward to seeing all of you.

Joe Armstrong




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