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Chatham A’s Update
by posted 09/21/2020

Hi Fall Ball families,

We had another beautiful day for baseball this past Saturday! Thanks to all who could attend...it was great to see the kids trying different positions and hopefully having some fun while learning a little for the future!

Our next practice is Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 on Keene #3.  Then on Saturday, we play Brewster on Keene #2 at 12pm.  Please note the later start time this week.  Also, I understand that the game times listed on the website are for 90 minutes.  For AAA, the games are 6 innings long, using a guideline of no inning starting after the 2 hour mark.  This of course is not a hard and fast rule, but a guideline that the coaches use, depending on a number of conditions.  Any of which could be weather/daylight/available players during this season of multiple sport/family conflicts.  We want to give the kids a genuine experience of what to expect for AAA baseball next spring, so please expect our games to be around two hours long.  If your player or family has a time conflict/previous engagement and needs to leave at a certain time, or can't make the game that week, NO WORRIES!  Please let me know 24 hrs before.  I will make the lineup around this and hopefully get the kids the most time they can on the diamond this fall.

Thanks for all the RSVPs regarding Columbus Day Weekend.  I hope to have more info on this very soon!

Coach Scott


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Chatham A's game tomorrow
by posted 09/18/2020

Hi Chatham A's families, We have our second game tomorrow morning at 11am (10:45 report for warmups), please remember masks! Parents and spectators also! There are a number of players that will not be available tomorrow and I have already heard from. Thank you for the heads up! If your player will not be at the game and have not told me already, please let me know ASAP!! For any player interested in pitching, I booked Keene Field #2 (the field we were on last Saturday) for a little pitching instruction at 10:15 tomorrow. Every player will get the chance to pitch this season (if they choose), but not before some type of practice on the mound. We did not get to this at practice on Wednesday, but will definitely go over pitching at practice next week. Lastly, we will be the home team tomorrow, so please wear the WHITE jerseys, and the game is on Keene #1 (left side of complex, closest to main parking lot). Looking forward to tomorrow and improving on last week! See everyone on the field! Coach Scott

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