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Monarchs - Fall Ball
by posted 10/21/2021

Monarchs Parents-

Few things:

1) I just scheduled a practice for 4:45 tomorrow night at Sinnott Right.  The practice will be for one hour.  Please let me know if your player is unable to make it.

2) We have our last game this Saturday at 1:00 on Sinnott.  I know schedules are overflowing these days so please RSVP for Saturday.  If your player has any special requests (other than pitcher), please let me know.  I will ask kids beforehand as well.  Please plan on a 12:35 arrival.

3) As stated above, the season wraps up this Saturday so hope to see you all then.

Thank you.


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Game Today
by posted 10/16/2021

Monarchs Parents-

There are a couple of teams who are going to be shrothanded today (we are only going to have 4 or 5) so all four teams will be combined today to play a single game. The game will be on Sinnott Right and will still be at 1:00.  You can arrive at the field any time after 12:30.

Upon arrival, have your player seek out Coach Scott Wheaton (Chase's dad) as I will also not be in attendance.

Good luck and enjoy!


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Reminder - Game tomorrow
by posted 10/15/2021

Monarchs Parents-

A reminder that we have a game tomorrow at 1 at Sinnott Left.

Please confirm your players attendance for this week AND next week (the last game).



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