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Game at Chandler
by posted 05/19/2022

Just a reminder, tonight's game is at Chandler. 5:45 first pitch.

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This Week's Schedule Finalized
by posted 05/17/2022

To all-

The schedule has been finalized for this week and the details are below:

  • Wednesday, May 18th @ 6:00; Marshfield Varsity Field
  • Thursday, May 19th @ 5:45; Chandler

Coach Ray will be in charge on Thursday and will be flying solo.

Many of you are aware but wanted to let all know that the reason for the shuffling of the schedule was due to the band and orchestra concerts tonight and Thursday.

I don't think we have any issues with Wednesday but the following are the list of the kids who will be there Thursday:

  1. Furcinito
  2. Koenig
  3. MacDonald
  4. McNeil
  5. Ray
  6. Rufo
  7. Rufo
  8. Sheehan

I am awaiting confirmation on a 9th but I think we will be good to go on Thursday.  If anything changes from the above, let me know ASAP.

Thank you for your patience.




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Schedule Updates
by posted 05/17/2022

To all-

The schedule is in flux for this week.  It's looking like we are still going to have a game Wednesday but at a different location and versus a different team.  Still trying to resolve the second game.

More details to come but for now, ignore all of the alerts and reminders until I tell you that the schedule has been finalized.



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Tuesday Game Change
by posted 05/16/2022


Our game for Tuesday has been moved to one day later on Wednesday.  As a reminder, this was changed due to the many conflicts due to the concert on Tuesday.  I have yet to hear back from everyone on Thursday but that is trending towards being rescheduled unless all 3 of people I am waiting to hear back from can make it.  So more to come on our Thursday game...

Details below for rescheudle:

  • Tuesday, May 17th game is now scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th
  • The game will be held at Magoun Field in Pembroke
  • The start time of the game is now 5:15

In addition to the change it date, please make note of the change in time and location.

I will let all know about Thursday as soon as I know.



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Tomorrow's Game Cancelled and Reply Needed for Next Week
by posted 05/12/2022

Sorry for the late notice but tomorrow night's game has been cancelled.

We have games scheduled for next Tuesday and Thursday and I know this is a conflcit for some due to the band concerts.  Can you reply to this email and let me know if your player will be able to make the games on Tuesday and Thursday.  If I can get a full tally by all in short order, this will increase the opportunity of the game getting rescheduled, if necessary.

In summary:

  • No game tomorrow
  • Reply to this email regarding the availability of your son for the games on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.



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